Will the BOJ start to tiptoe to exit within a year? This guy says yes (and he should know)

Hideo Hayakawa is an ex BOJ official (former chief economist), and he is giving interviews to Bloomberg. 

So, well, he should have some inside info, but who’s to say he does? 

  • The Bank of Japan is likely to raise its yield target within a year
  • says inflation is accelerating faster than expected
  • The BOJ will adjust its target for 10-year government bond yields after gains in consumer prices excluding fresh food and energy (core-core, which is currently at 0.5%) reach 1 percent, said Hideo Hayakawa
  • “The hike won’t trigger market turmoil because it’s becoming almost consensus that the long-term yield target will be adjusted after the core core hits 1 percent”

This should be a yen positive.

Earlier I posted on what is giving the BOJ optimism inflation will accelerate and prompting exit discussion at least within the Bank:

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