US stocks opening in the red. Nasdaq leads the declines.

S&P and Dow also off to a slow start to the week.

The US major stock indices are opening in the red with the tech heavy Nasdaq leading the declines:

The snapshot at the start is now showing:

  • S&P index is down -0.27% or -8.66 points at 2633.95
  • The Nasdaq is down -41.points or -0.58% at 7022
  • The Dow is down -42 points or -0.18% at 24060

Some movers in early trading:

  • Tesla is down -4.33% as their woes from last week continue.  
  • Amazon is -2.11% as the battle with the President continued over the weekend
  • Netflix is lower by -2.04%
  • Twitter is lower by -1.65%

On the topside, banks are doing well in early trading:

  • Citigroup is up 1.99%
  • JP Morgan is up 0.52%
  • Nvidia is up 0.95% recovering some of the declines from last week
  • Apple is up 0.54%
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