US stocks open with gains. Amazon the laggard today as Trump takes focus on the giant retailer (that does not pay a lot of taxes).

Good start but it is a long day

The US stocks are opening with solid gains. 

  • The S&P is up 0.66% at 2622.05. It remains above its 200 day MA.
  • The Nasdaq is up 36 points or 0.54% at 6986
  • The Dow is up 190 points or 0.79% at 24034.
Amazon is the official target for Trump today.
He tweeted about them today, after the White House dismissed the idea just yesterday.  It is down -2.54% currently and below $1400 at $1395.

Don’t cry for Amazon too much though.  The stock is still up from $1169 at the year end (+19.3%). That is the good and the bad for stock holders. The good is if long from year end, you are still well ahead of the market. The bad, is those who bought post Feb 12th are now in the red, and there is room to roam to the downside. 

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