Trump LIVE at the White House

Is expected to sign spending bill.

  • Spending cuts has put America at risk
  • My job is to keep America safe
  • Recent budget cuts have put America at great risk, omnibus reverses that
  • signing budget bill as matter of national security
  • No one read it.  I will never  sign another bill like this again.
  • We wanted to include DACA but Democrats would not do it
  • Calling on Congress to give President a line item veto for all future spending bills
  • Will be starting work on some new wall, and fixing existing walls at some points. 
  • Have 1.6B for the wall that will start immediately
  • Defense spending will go up at a record pace.  

He answered a question at the end saying:

  • I think the stock market will be great

The defense contractors stocks are big beneficiaries:

  • Lockheed Martin is up 3.97%
  • Northrup Grumman is up 3.98%
  • Raytheon is up 3.64%
  • Boeing is up 2.34%

The overall stock market is not going higher:

  • The Nasdaq is down -40 points vs -26 points at the start of the speech.
  • The S&P is down -8.8 points vs -3.33 points at the start. 
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