Too early for a preview of next week’s FOMC meeting? Nah ….. Dot plot expectations

March meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee is on the 20th
and 21st.

  • Yes,
    there will be a Summary of Economic Projections and a press
    conference by the Chair

to expect? Barclays have taken a survey on expectations on what the
median Fed dots will be at this meeting:


  • Most (53%) believe the Fed will keep signalling three hikes for 2018
  • More than a third expects the median dot to indicate four hikes


  • Majority expects the dots to signal three additional hikes (ie, fed funds between 2.75-3.00%)
  • 38% of respondents expect the median dot to remain at the current 2.63% for year-end 2019


  • 85%
    expect the median dots to be in the 3.00-3.25% range

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