Seeing a dollar move lower on Syria news. Stocks trim some gains.

But how long will it last?

The reports that the US has targeted 8 sites in Syria has seen a move lower in the dollar.

The USDJPY fell to a low of 107.07. The 100 hour MA at 106.99 remains a key barometer area for bulls and bears.  The price highs today could not get to the April 2018 highs at 107.486 (see earlier post). 

The EURUSD cracked above the 382.% at 1.23357 but only by a few pips to 1.2339. The 100 hour MA at 1.23304 is eyed for bias clues. 

The stocks moved off the highs but the S&P is still up 0.85% and the Nasdaq is up 1.0%.

A Syria retaliatory strike has been telegraphed.  The world does not look kindly on a chemical attack. As a result, I would expect a strike it to happen at some point.  

If this move was a test, the reaction seems to not be all that great. 

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