More Japan data – jobs report for February: Unemployment 2.5% (expected 2.6%)

February employment
data from Japan   

Ratio 1.58 

  • expected 1.60, prior
    was 1.59

Jobless Rate 2.5%

  • expected 2.6%, prior
    was 2.4%

The background to
this data is jobs growth in Japan – employment indicators show
improvement. January’s drop in the u/e rate (there was a jobs spike
in the accommodation, eating & drinking service industries with
tourist demand from Asia during the lunar new year holiday) was
expected to retrace a little in February.

There is industrial production data still to come from Japan, due at 2350GMT. 

I’ll probably pop back in for that before heading off for the rest of the holiday.

And later in the session, a heads up for some Bank of Japan Japanese Government Bond buying, a regular QE operation (1-3, 3-5, 5-10 years still left until maturity)    

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