John Pfeffer at Sohn: Bitcoin could reach $90K (or significantly higher)

John Pfeffer – Partner Pfeffer Capital

Someone had to do it…

John Pfeffer from Pfeffer Capital is out with his Sohn Conference pick and its……Bitcoin.

He says:

  • Bitcoin is 1st viable candidate to replace gold
  • Could see $90,000 or significantly higher.

Bitcoin is trading down -$38 on the day to $8851. 

I guess when you expect $90,000 or signficantly highe, than $90,000 is the low end of the estimate.  Just buy baby….

PS the price remains below its 100 day MA at $9216.11.  For the longs out there, a move above the 100 day MA and then the 200 day MA at $9818 will be a step in the $90,000 direction.  

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