It’s time for me to go, but I hope I passed the audition

It’s the end of my time at ForexLive and here’s a few final thoughts 12 April

So here it is. My final offering and a bit more than 3 lines. What started as a 3-day audition ends after 5 years 2 months and
30,000+ posts. Seems like a lifetime to you? Yep, well try sitting this side of
the fence! It’s been a journey for sure.

Typing fingers ground down to the bone, 05.00 start-times, not
to mention mind-numbing repetition and rhetoric from numerous central bankers (goodbye Mr Kuroda et al), Grexit/Brexit, over-hyped market events that invariably fail to deliver
can now all be left to others. Hurrah!

FX markets are ever changing and my 38 years in this
business, almost 20 as an interbank trader/market maker, has seen most of them.
The growth of the retail market has been notable in recent years and hence the
need to educate and inform. I hope that in my time here at FXL I have been able
to do both of those, and entertain along the way too.

Back in my interbank trading days the ACI (Association
Cambiste International) motto was “Once a dealer, always a dealer” so is this my
final farewell? No, of course not. I’m just saying goodbye from these pages.

I intend to expand my MSPFX
services and for traders I’ll be offering some mentoring/coaching and bespoke
training, all for a reasonable fee of course!  I’m far too honest sometimes
but I’ve found that overall it really is the best policy.Will I provide signals? No. Will I teach you what to look
for and help make you a better trader? Hopefully, if you’re prepared to listen and learn.

I’m a great believer in “Give
a man a fish and you feed him for a day but teach him how to fish and you feed him
for a lifetime
“. I guess now though you’d have to add a “climate change and
fishing quotas notwithstanding” proviso!

Regular readers will know I don’t go in a lot for technical
analysis but that I do respect some of its findings as part of the whole
decision-making process. As an ex interbank market maker for me price action/flow is key. Order boards, option
expiries and M&A-related business, to name but three, are main drivers. Understanding
how they impact is a vital weapon to have in your armoury.

Over the years here I also hope I’ve also taught you to keep things simple, don’t
over analyse. Sometimes it really is just a case of more buyers than
sellers or vice versa. Remember, “Ours is not to reason why, ours is just to sell
and buy
“. Also, let the algos do the work sometimes, especially around data
releases, and be ready with your entry/exit levels. Don’t get greedy in these tight ranging
markets. Patience can often be a virtue but equally can mean you squander good
opportunities in the meantime.

Plenty more detail/technique I can provide for those
interested. Simply contact me here and I’ll be in touch. Don’t worry, it’s not a link to FaceBook! 

So thanks for allowing me onto your screens and thanks for all
the input/support/kind words. As for my trolls I guess they’ll just have to find
some place else to get their kicks.

I wish you favourable markets and profitable trading


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