Economic data coming up in the European session

Economic data coming up in the European session

A preview of the calendar in European trading today

Howdy, everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend and that you’re all ready for the new trading week to begin.

The calendar today may be a quiet one but get ready for the central bank bonanza that is to come when we approach mid-week. A line up of the Fed, RBNZ, and BOE should keep things along with key economic data points along the way. For a full list, you can refer to the
economic calendar.

Anyway, here’s what is coming up later in European trading today:

0900 GMT – SNB total sight deposits w.e. 16 March

Your weekly check of the deposits kept at the SNB by Swiss banks. Recent data continues to show that domestic deposits have peaked and is in a declining phase, showing that the SNB is likely making some adjustments in the currency market. This data is a proxy for FX interventions.

0900 GMT – Italy January industrial production data

Prior figures can be found
here. A minor data point, offers general industrial sentiment in the Eurozone’s third largest economy.

1000 GMT – Italy January trade balance data

Prior release can be found
here. Not all too important, as the key ones were Germany and France figures which were released last week already.

1000 GMT – Eurozone January trade balance data

1000 GMT – Eurozone January construction output data

Prior figures can be found
here and
here respectively. For trade balance, we already had France and Germany figures already so the data here shouldn’t contain too much of a surprise and it won’t be a market mover. Construction output data is a minor one, and gives a general gauge of sentiment in the Eurozone more than anything else.

1100 GMT – Bundesbank releases monthly report

Last month’s report can be found
here. Expect more of the same to come from Buba.

That’s all for the European session today. But don’t forget we also do have the start of the G20 meeting later in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I wish you all a great day ahead and as always, good luck with your trading!

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