Economic calendar in Asia today … More BOJ QE wind back? And does anyone care?

We get the Bank of
Japan in QE mode at 0110GMT, buying JGBs

  • 1-3, 35-5, 10-25,
    25+ years left until maturity bonds

The latest
development here (Friday) is the BOJ reduced its purchases a touch on Friday, to a bit fat yawn response from the market:

2350 GMT Japan
Monetary base for May

0100 GMT Australia
private inflation survey. From the Melbourne Institute. The official
CPI data from Australia is once a quarter, so this monthly data point
does attract some interest. Unles its a surprise though it won’t be
FX market moving upon release

  • prior 0.5% m/m and 2.0% y/y (headline)
  • there will be
    indications on ‘core’ inflation given also

buying (see above)

0130GMT from
Australia we get some inputs to the Q1 GDP data due this week

Today we get
Inventories and company profits data

I’ll have more to
come on this separately

Also at 0130 GMT and
of more immediate focus, Retail Sales data from Australia for April.

This has been reflecting constrained consumer spending (slow wage
growth a factor) but has sown some sigsn of struggling off the
canvas. Again, I’ll have more to come on this separately.

  • Expected +0.3% m/m,
    prior flat at 0.0%

Also at 0130 GMT Australia –  ANZ survey of jobs advertisements for May, prior -0.2% m/m

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