BOJ Summary of Opinions (March meeting) … persistent easing necessary

Bank of Japan’s ‘Summary’ – preceded the full minutes by many weeks  

Quick headlines via Reuters (bolding mine):  

  • If there is risk achieving price target will be delayed, additional easing will be needed
  • BOJ needs to explain that normalization is different from monetary tightening
  • 2% price target still distant, BOJ should not consider normalization
  • Important to continue QE to
    achieve 2% price target
  • Inflation momentum is not strong enough to achieve 2% inflation target soon 
  • If yen appreciation and stock declines become proplonged, capex and consumption could be restrained

I don’t seen anything surprising here at all.  Its interesting that the Bank have highlighted the yen … they don’t want it to go much higher it would seem?

Out at the same time:

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