BOJ Kuroda: Fed/other central banks will normalize mon. policy if economies in good shape

BOJ Kuroda and France’s LaMaire speak after G20

He adds:

  • The Fed or other central bank will undoubtedly normalize monetary policy if their economies are in good shape and they achieve their price targets
  • Don’t think central-bank policy normalization will have direct negative impact on global growth
  • G 20 has continued to say central banks must be mindful of impact their policies could have on emerging markets

Meanwhile France’s LeMaire has added:

  • Growth is back, recovery solid
  • France is determined on structural reforms
  • tariffs not the right way to deal with steel overcapacity
  • EU expects full exemption from US metal tariffs
  • Protectionism may jeopardize economic recovery
  • France, EU to present fair tax rules for digital companies
  • Europe won’t agree to conditions for US exemptions
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