A nothing burger of sorts from China

That’s rather underwhelming and I reckon investors are still waiting for the headlines to filter through and to come to terms with what China is announcing. The change in Covid control measures is that they will shorten the time gap between basic vaccination and booster shot to 3 months for people aged above 80 years old.

Meanwhile, the health official says that people are complaining about the extra Covid measures and “one size fits all” approach, not the measures themselves. Isn’t that one in the same basically? Geez.

Boosting elderly vaccination is a precautionary measure in working towards the re-opening I guess but I reckon the optimists would’ve liked for more from China. For now, risk trades aren’t dented by the news just yet but just be wary that we could see sentiment shift around in the sessions ahead with this out of the way now. However, month-end trading will make it a bit tricky as well to navigate through the overall market mood.

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