$50bn in tariffs to $150bn … Trump triples down

Breaking news from the US President, he has instructed Treasury to consider an additional USD 100bn in tariffs on China trade 

Post on the breaking news from a while ago is here:

and a follow up on the impact on markets:

Legendary investor George Soros once said to invest first and investigate later. Some people put it more succinctly:


  • is it a trade war or not?
  • Trump says to ‘consider’, so will anything actually happen?

etc., etc.

Good questions both of them, and I am sure you all have plenty of others. And … its all a question of timing of when to ask them and what do when news breaks. 

And, don’t forget – this hit at pretty much THE WORST liquidity time of the 24 hour trading cycle …. which means moves can extend beyond what seems reasonable. And, they are still extending as I update – gold:

So – yes, trade first, lock in a few bucks, then ask questions …. 

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